Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs is a 3 part series of one trainer's Pokemon adventure to regain her lost memory. The first game is Emerald, then PMD: Sky, then...who knows!

Current run: Sky

Survey tiiiiiiiiiiime

Hey so me, myself, and I are having a disagreement over the 3rd and final run. While this should not be a problem for awhile I had a nice idea to allude to the 3rd run in the coming chapter or so. So you may see my problem. So solution...SURVEY! https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/A5DrgG

If you have any questions about the questions feel free to ask! On another note you can update your answers at any time. Thanks <3

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Removed Disqus from News

Sadly due to how Disqus was coded I had to remove it entirely and could not leave it up on past pages as an archive. D: Not to mention that occasionally when navigating Disqus would display a Newpost as having 0 comments when it really had some.

Disqus comments will remain on all extras pages, so no worries in that regard.

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Remember when I said I wouldn't discuss future run ideas anymore...

Well I lied! Because here's me discussing it.

SO I got Pokemon Y #BESTBROTHEREVER (but not a 3DS so no friend code requests yet). Which adds a new game I could use for my 3rd run (among the many others). But I play my Nuzlockes on ROMs so I don't have to restart my main game...But there are no 3DS emulators. So there's two options:
1) I either play this as if it were the 3rd run of this Nuzlocke whether or not it will be
2) The ad I put on the bottom of this site--which if you can't see PLEASE make an exception for this site on your ad blocker <3--has just earned enough money for Pokemon X for this Nuzlocke while still having enough to pay for donator status for this comic for this year. Since I only have this money because of you all, I feel like I should ask your permission to use the ad money to get Pokemon X as material for this comic IF after playing Y I felt the material was good enough to use. This will allow me to play Pokemon Y normally, get a good feel on the plot/new mechanics and not feel rushed.

Also If I am to play this Nuzlocke on Pokemon Y I need starter naming help now. I got a small list of names for each starter and I need you guys to vote on the names c:
Artemis, Asgard, Genbu, Meimei, Yggdrasil, Zeal
Fennelkin (female only)
Chiyome, Leilan, Mitsuki, Suzaku
Hanzo, Hatsume*, Isis, Karin, Kenshin, Seiryuu
*Can't find the original person, but there are a lot of games with a female ninja named Hatsume

Thank you guys for your support and Happy New Year! <3
(I also readded Smackjeeves comments for Newsposts as I wasn't aware guests couldn't use Disqus. If people would rather I just remove Disqus comments for Newsposts altogether too just let me know!)

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Website Changes

Hello! For those of you who may or may not have noticed, there's been some changes to the website and more to come soon!

As of right now, this website is now at the URL of http://giginuzlocke.smackjeeves.com, while the original Emerald website has been moved to http://giginuzlocke2.smackjeeves.com It will remain there as an archive for past comments.
Also! The site's name on Smackjeeves and description has been edited to be more overarching because...

COMING SOON the Emerald and Sky runs will merge. I've gotten all the new stuff 95% done (need to fix an Emerald page, make a cover for the series, and maybe make a cover for Emerald). But I'll probably do those later and instead get these changes up later today:
-Universal theme (main theme for non-comic portions of the website that embodies all 3 runs)
-Themes per comic (so like Sky has now but adding one for Emerald too)
-General adjusts to the theme's appearance, menu layout, and a few pages
-Team page includes Emerald's team
-Team page updated/fancified
-Combined Extras, Fan-Art, and Q&A pages
-Updated/fancified said page
-Updated/fancified Archives page

Also! At the rate of about 1 Chapter a day I'll be posting the Emerald pages on here as well. I assume most of you have already these, but this should keep you guys satisfied while I finish up finals and such in college.

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Idea: Combining Websites

So as you're all aware, my two Nuzlockes (Sky and Emerald) are two different websites (and eventually the third one will be a third website). This is has some good points but there are also some problems that exist that could be solved by combining the two sites.

Basically what I'm proposing is to move all of Emerald's content over to Sky's website (as I assume 99.9% of the fans on Emerald are on Sky anyway). The Emerald pages would be put in front of the Sky pages. Most extra pages on the Emerald website link to Sky already anyway so no problem there. I'd also go around updating the website to make everything make a bit more sense and unified.

-All of "Gigi's Nuzlocke Runs" are in one place
-You won't have to remember to go to the next site when the 3rd run comes out (as I remember at the beginning of Sky having some people who didn't realize I started my 2nd run until months later)
-Affiliating is simplier
-I don't have to shell out as much money to make these runs Donator comics (remove ads, larger file sizes, Flash, etc). Hence why Emerald is not a donator comic.

-3 "different" comics on one site
-Emerald comments will be wiped when moved (unless I can ask someone at SJ to combine the comics for me...but I doubt it)(also unless I leave the Emerald site up as an archive for the comments)

This'll also probably make me go back and just clean up Emerald a bit (ie removing unused plot points). So I wanna hear what people think! You think this is a good idea?

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