Gigi's Nuzlocke: Harbingers of Revelation

Harbingers of Revelation is a Randomizer "Triplelocke" Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon White. The comic follows the journey of three "friends" across Unova! The gameplay was done by myself (Crystal's gameplay) and Lupasolis (Sae's gameplay), with help from Haunshaul (N's "gameplay"). There's blood and swearing every now and then.

Chapter 35-END

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February 4th, 2017, 11:00 am

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Pokemontrainergigi, February 3rd, 2017, 9:00 pm

The End

Naming quickly:
Erech - "Gigi had "Shadowfax" [as a placeholder name] which got me thinking of LotR. Gengar only appears in the last battle, like a deus ex machina. The Great Eagles are a good example of deus ex machina, but then I went for Erech because the Stone of Erech is where Aragorn leads the Army of the Dead to free them."
Zora - "Zora is a Slavic name meaning 'dawn' or 'aurora'."

As for the fusion, besides not deciding on a name I hadn't settled on a design beyond having 2-3 forms, an "aggressive" form (the one seen in the Relic Castle that's silhouette looks like Mewtwo), maybe a "defensive" form, and a "passive" form (which would look more Mew-like and adorbs).

And that's the end! Or the end of my notes at least. There'd be an epilogue chapter to wrap things up like Crystal reuniting with her original team. I hadn't decided on the specifics of that or the fate of Crystal's new team. Same goes for N, N's team, and Sae's team. No idea what their fates would be. Sae's team would most likely be disbanded.

There were two scenes I never wrote in my notes because I wasn't sure where to put them. The first was N possibly meeting the fusion before the final battle (either randomly or introduced to through Ghetsis). N might have also been introduced to the Horsemen and explained their purpose (not sure how much I'd give the audience at that time).

The second would be a flashback revealing some or all of this information: Crystal was the child of two Neo Team Rocket members in Johto who were killed by Mewtwo when he learned of humans trying to restart Team Rocket. Mewtwo erased Crystal's memories and left her with her future Dragonite who raised her. In the second chapter Crystal mentions getting her memory erased by psychic Pokemon a lot? Crystal was an obnoxious kid. Whenever Mewtwo would visit Dragonite, she'd intentionally/unintentionally annoy him. Having no idea how to deal with children, Mewtwo would simply mind control her, put her in a vegetative state, etc to get her to stop. She got a bit less annoying enough for Mewtwo to offer teaching her how to understand Pokemon (and by teach I mean tinker with her brain).

But otherwise that's it! And I'll leave you with a final note:

I SEE WHY PEOPLE STOP AT DOUBLELOCKES. Holy crap there's too much information to keep track of much less show without dragging things out. And as a datamined person I definitely focused on the data a bit too notes feel more like checking off datapoints than really writing a story and having it all laid out I can see that. Ugh, but otherwise I like it and while I didn't finish it as I originally intended (as a comic...) it's nice to have it all laid out.

Thanks for those who've stuck around to the end. My apologies again that it had to end this way, but better than no ending at all, right?

"Will you do another Nuzlocke comic?" I dunno, it's hard to say what the future has in store. I have considered doing Let's Plays of them or whatnot on YouTube, but I dunno.

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Dragon Master, February 5th, 2017, 8:03 pm

Yeah, while it was sad to see this end like this, I'd rather have an idea of the rest of the story and ending than nothing at all.

As far as the Let's Play's/potential Nuzlockes on YouTube, I honestly say go for it if you think it's a good idea. As someone who enjoys Nuzlockes but can never seem to finish them, it'd be nice. But it's all up to you.
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